Creating an Attractive Online Dating Profile

Going through the social media accounts of many internet users will reveal their lack of basic self-promoting skills. It is easy to swipe past such social media accounts without giving a second glance. This trend of carefree abandon in the management of social media accounts has rubbed off on the usage of online dating services. Now, we shall run through some tweaks that would make your online dating profile a productive tool for building relationships online.

Tips on setting up an attractive dating profile

The first window through which other members of a dating site assess the personality of a user is the profile picture. Depending on the terms of service and the subscription plan, some online dating services permit users to upload multiple pictures to their profile, while using a pre-selected one as the main picture. Check if the dating site you use comes with this capability, if it does, please take advantage of it. Profiles with multiple pictures are more likely to come up in match searches. Still on the profile picture, here are several things you should avoid:

  • The use of filters that elaborately alter the tone, color, and features of the image
  • Using a group photo as the main profile picture

Be intentional with the picture(s) you choose for your online dating profile, as it gives other users a peek into your life.

Most online dating sites have a word limit for users’ biography. Fourth, make it straight to the point, using descriptive words to communicate your interests and inclinations. However, be mindful not to go yapping off about yourself; reserve a portion of the biography to mention the attributes you are looking forward to in a potential partner. Thirty percent of the biography should be enough to do justice to expectations of the partner’s attributes.

Most importantly, build a profile that reflects your true personality. You are better off putting up an authentic and honest profile than yielding to the temptation of providing false information on minor details like weight or height. Doctoring the reality will cause you to lose face in the long run, despite initially attracting multiple matches to your dating profile.

For online dating services that you have actively used for a long time, updating your biography will help the dating site’s algorithm to tailor match predictions along the lines of your new interests and inclinations.

Imagine a scenario where you have just set up a profile on a dating website, and the profile is getting massive hits. You shuffle through the profiles of potential partners that have shown interest and eventually decide to message one of them, only to learn of your inability to do this without subscribing to a paid package to access the service. Such restrictions are peculiar to online dating sites that offer what is referred to as ‘freemium’ services and could make you lose taste in online dating altogether. It is, therefore, important to check the price of premium subscription plans before signing up for any online dating service.